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Spread the Word
Anyone and everyone can support #WeRideTogether and join in our mission to make sports environments safer for all athletes. Raising awareness is a team sport. We welcome and appreciate your involvement!

Research shows that education and preventive actions reduce sexual misconduct in sport. We all play a vital role in changing the culture, norms, and standard practices for the better in every barn, field, court, and sporting arena across the globe. From community athletics to national and international levels of sport, athletes, parents, coaches, trainers, and organizers alike can make a difference in breaking the silence and stigma surrounding the topic of sexual abuse.

Join us in these necessary conversations about safety and take an active role in standing up for best practices that protect athletes and sport. 
In these toolkits, you will find:
• Instructions on how to use the toolkits
•  Various social media posts
• Example copy that you can use for the social media posts
• #WeRideTogether Coach Athlete Pledge
• Flyers that can be printed out and posted or shared online
Download the following toolkits to spread the word on your various social media platforms and wherever you play and compete.