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The #WeRideTogether Blog is a reliable repository of written resources, providing easily accessible, straightforward, conversational knowledge. Our blog's content represents the voices of counselors, prosecutorial law enforcement professionals, attorneys, SafeSport investigators, public health professionals, child protection specialists, victim advocates, parents, survivors, and other qualified experts. Article topics include reporting, healing from trauma, education and awareness on sexual misconduct, sport-specific content, and more, all in the areas that survivors and their loved ones need information on the most. To suggest a topic for a future blog post, email

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Who is Responsible for Safeguarding Our Athletes?
Let’s Talk About Consent
New Versions of the Coach Athlete Relationship Diagrams!
Introducing Our Essential Guide: Navigating College Tours with a Focus on Sexual Assault Prevention
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Advocating for Ourselves
You Give and You Get: Sports, Skills, and Personal Growth
Callisto Vault: A Post-Assault Resource Option for College Students and College Athletes
Our Wave: A Safe Harbor To Promote Connection, Education, and Hope For Survivors of Sexual Harm
Thriving Not Surviving: An Interview with Allie Tillinghast, Founder and President
What to Do When You See Something Troubling
We Act Together: Safe, Active Bystander Intervention
Navigating Trust: Identifying Safe Adults in Your Circle
Listening to Victims of Maltreatment in Sport: Avoiding the DARVO Effect
Need Support? Start Here.
A Cocoon for Healing
Riding Through It
Power Imbalances Are A Part Of Sports —And That's What Abusers Are Counting On
Power Imbalances
Know Your Rights: What is Title IX?
Demystifying Self-Care
Chasing Relief
Finding Courage in Unlikely Places
Am I Having a Trauma Response?
Navigating the Labyrinth of Grief
For Whom the Shame Bell Tolls
Welcoming Anger
Let's Have Some Real Talks
#WeRideTogether Exists to Provide Holistic Support to All Members of Athletic Communities
Survivor Stories: The Importance and Gifts of Storytelling
4 Things You Should Know About Your Coach
For Student-Athletes, Hazing Is Alive and Well in the U.S.
Athlete Toolkit: 4 Tools for Every Athlete
Supporting Survivors In The Short Term and Long Term
Nothing Heals Like Sport – A New Playbook for Coaches
Justice Options for Athletes
Identify Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship Dynamics Between Coaches and Athletes
Learn to Recognize the Six Stages of Grooming
Sports Related Therapy Modalities
Breathe - a place to write your experience, trauma, or difficult situations
Shame and the Survivor
Policies and Training for Sports Organizations
The Importance of Pledging Safety to Athletes
Trauma-Informed Response
Introducing SurvivorSpace
Courage First Athlete Helpline
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