Learn About #WeRideTogether and Understand the Need for Prevention Education

Since #WeRideTogether began in 2021, we have had countless conversations with survivors, athletes, parents, and coaches across all sports, at every level. Additionally, we have spoken with numerous National Governing Bodies of sport, nonprofits, academic researchers, and supporting members of athletic communities. Throughout these experiences, we have developed a deep and thorough understanding of the landscape of sexual abuse prevention in sports. 

Education and awareness are central to our mission of supporting healthy and safe sporting cultures. We have created two flagship videos that provide comprehensive overviews – About #WeRideTogether and an Introduction to Prevention Education.

The first video, About #WeRideTogether, with Founder, Carrie Kehring, Executive Director, Michaela Shepherd, and Program and Partnerships Director, Kathryn McClain, highlights the heart-centered and mind-driven approach taken by our organization. From discussing our origin story to describing our services to sharing what’s on the horizon, this video provides an overview of working with #WeRideTogether. Listeners will walk away with a general understanding of the landscape of the issue of sexual abuse in sports and how we all have a role to play in supporting athlete safety. 

The second video, Introduction to Prevention Education, with Executive Director, Michaela Shepherd, Communications Manager, Madison Smith, and Program and Partnerships Director, Kathryn McClain, provides a walkthrough of our core educational concepts and materials. This video details resources for all members of athletic communities, especially athletes. Listeners will gain knowledge of power imbalances, grooming, and tangible tools that can applied in their sport. 

Together, these videos provide excellent introductory and foundational information pertinent to safeguarding all sports and the unique approach taken by #WeRideTogether. We encourage everyone to watch and share these videos to promote education and awareness on eliminating sexual misconduct in all sports.

Kathryn McClain, MSW, MBA

Program and Partnerships Director at #WeRideTogether


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