All Sports, One Goal
Sexual misconduct is a problem in all sports. But together, we can work to solve it.
Sports nurture the body and the mind. Whether it’s team sports like football, basketball, and hockey, or individual sports like archery, luge, and karate, sports teach valuable skills that bolster physical, mental, and social development both on the field and in life.
But there’s a dark side to sport, too.
We must begin talking about the very real risks athletes face when they choose to take part in a sport and, most importantly, what can be done to protect them. #WeRideTogether believes athletes and coaches in all sports across the globe should have safe and positive sporting environments and experiences.
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If you or someone you know has experienced misconduct or abuse, please access these resources for help. For additional information on confidential helplines, sexual assault reporting procedures, and mental health resources, click the button below.
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