About Us
Why #WeRideTogether?

Our Mission

We hear you. We see you. #WeRideTogether
#WeRideTogether is a nonprofit organization created to cast light upon the endemic issue of sexual abuse in youth and amateur sports. Our mission is to make the youth and amateur sport environment safer for all athletes. We believe sport should be the safest and healthiest place for children and young adults to grow and flourish, and that every individual has the right to learn, play, and compete without fear of sexual abuse. We are committed to creating the radical change needed to fulfill that vision by addressing education and awareness, creating a safe place for survivors to find resources and share their voices, and eliminating the stigma around these necessary conversations.

Our Approach

At #WeRideTogether, we provide evidence-based, professional, educational, ethical, compassionate, creative, inclusive, celebratory, and advocatory services. Heart-centered and mind-driven, our team commits to improving sport communities in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. By focusing on current research, integrating insights from our trusted partners, and, most importantly, listening to athletes and survivors across all sports, #WeRideTogether delivers trustworthy and timely solutions.

Our Services

Our organization is uniquely positioned to provide support to all sports on a global scale. We believe in celebrating and providing individualized support to all members of athletic communities. We focus on creating resources that are survivor- and trauma-informed, as well as serving as a bridge to already existing valuable resources.
While we are continuously expanding our services, our core offerings include:
Providing educational presentations to athletes of all ages, coaches, parents, and organizations
Creating preventative, inclusive, and curated resources and materials specific to athletic communities
Collaborating with athletic organizations, ranging from grassroots organizations to national and international governing bodies, to best serve their members with creative, current, and impactful tools
Connecting athletes, survivors, coaches, parents, and organizations to best practices, crisis resources, healing support, and information on reporting and justice procedures
Our Awards
#WeRideTogether has been the honored recipient of several awards within multiple industry spaces.
2021 AHP Equine Media Awards
1st Place - "She Knew What She Was Doing" PSA
2022 American Advertising Awards
GOLD ADDY for Public Service Online/Interactive website design "Culturally Legit" Award for website design
2022 AHP Equine Media Award
Carrie Kehring won Best Equine Media Industry Podcast for the Practical Horseman Podcast