Nothing Heals Like Sport – A New Playbook for Coaches

Nothing Heals Like Sport – A New Playbook for Coaches

The Center for Healing and Justice through Sport (CHJS) is a national nonprofit organization working to ensure that more young people and athletes have access to sport experiences that work to address issues of systemic injustice and are inclusive and healing-centered.

In addition to providing training, consulting, and movement building support for coaches and sport organizations across the globe, CHJS strives to provide groundbreaking and practical resources to help create more healing-centered sport experiences and brain-based coaches. 

One such resource is the Nothing Heals Like Sport Playbook, released in May 2023.

Coaches exist in a structure that doesn’t invest in them, their development, or aid them in maximizing their impact. The predominant examples they have to learn from are coaches on TV who are often shown in the most stressful and intense moments, moments that get generalized into all aspects of coaching.

In today’s climate, we’re asking more of coaches than ever before. Modern coaching has proven to all that the quality of the coach-athlete relationship is the primary predictor for an athlete’s performance. And without an expanded tool set, coaches can feel frustrated as they work to meet the diverse needs of their athletes. 


These are the tools that help coaches center their athletes and understand what happens as athletes develop. These are the tools to support athletes through adversity - whether that adversity comes only in the arena or is part of their athlete’s lived experience. These are the tools that help coaches so coaches can then help athletes.*

We believe these tools will help YOU so that you can then support your athletes in all the ways a modern athlete requires. We also know that when your athletes feel supported and take ownership of their team, you win more (a lot more). The spaces where athletes perform their best athletically are exactly those spaces where they feel safe, seen, and encouraged to be their whole selves. They are the spaces of healing-centered, brain-based coaching. 

Download the Nothing Heals Like Sport playbook today

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*Our partnership with Dr. Bruce D. Perry M.D., Ph.D., and the Neurosequential Network has fueled the development of this playbook. These skills and strategies are an intentional merging of Dr. Perry’s core, groundbreaking concepts and the coaching expertise and connected community of the Center for Healing and Justice through Sport.

Claire Perry
Director of Communications at CHJS

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