#WeShopTogether – Introducing the #WeRideTogether Store

Education and awareness are key tenets to fulfilling our mission of creating healthy and safe sporting environments for all athletes. Selling merchandise with educational material that funds our nonprofit programming is an additional way to do so. 

Every item purchased at the #WeRideTogether Store displays the Courage First Athlete Helpline or comes with an informational card describing various educational and awareness resources. Sharing knowledge of the Courage First Athlete Helpline resource helps promote athlete safety, ensuring all members of sporting communities have access to support at all times. 

We know that sexual abuse prevention is a hard topic to talk about, and the stigma around these conversations still exists. Wearing, using, and displaying these merchandise items, similar to posting about the topic on social media, works to support the cause. Awareness is key to creating positive change within our international, national, and local sporting environments. 

Additionally, with every item purchased in our store, proceeds directly support our distribution of free promotional items with educational information to all athletes of all ages across all levels of sports. Importantly, this means your purchase carries a further impact in providing free prevention resources to more athletes

From mugs to socks to duffel bags to apparel, we have a variety of custom products that will be continually expanding. Check out our BOCO hats that are perfect for daily wear, training, and any sporting event. Check out our branded TKEQ shirts that have UV protection, a breathable design, and moisture-wicking fabric, making them the ultimate performance shirts. And parents – you all need a tote bag for the sidelines! 

With every purchase, you are making a difference for athletes. Proceeds directly support our mission to make youth and amateur sports environments safer for all. When you wear and use our merchandise, you help us increase awareness and decrease the stigma of speaking up. Thank you for teaming up with #WeRideTogether to eliminate sexual abuse and misconduct in all sports. 

You can shop all of our items here!

Kathryn McClain, MSW, MBA

Program and Partnerships Director at #WeRideTogether


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