Carrie Kehring
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Carrie Kehring is the Founder of #WeRideTogether. As the parent of a daughter who was groomed and sexually abused by her coach, Carrie is intimately acquainted with the enormous and multi-faceted difficulties faced by survivors and the personal toll sexual abuse takes on their loved ones. She has dedicated her life since to studying the causes, cultures and conditions that contribute to sexual misconduct in youth serving sports and to empowering survivors in their pursuit of healing and justice.

A passionate advocate for change, Carrie has written numerous articles, spoken with hundreds of survivors, and makes frequent appearances on podcasts where she shares her experience. Carrie is committed to ending sexual misconduct in all youth sports via awareness, education and transparent discussion.

Prior to launching #WeRideTogether, Carrie worked for various start-ups and nonprofits. She has spent the past decade fully immersed in the equestrian community with her three daughters, husband and (growing) herd of horses. Carrie's favorite moments are spent on her 17.3 hand horse, Agano, and finds a hand gallop just as joyful as she did as a nine-year-old girl in the open fields of Northern Idaho.